Playing For Change Day is on Saturday, Sept 17, 2011 - a global day of action dedicated to creating positive social change through music education. Musicians will perform around the world on stages, cafes, city squares, street corners, and STAGEIT. Here is how to set up your event on Stageit.

First, set up your show on Then, log in to the Facebook account you would like associated with your PFC Day event, and create your event here following these steps:

1.   Enter in the venue field so that fans know that you will be broadcasting live online.

2.   Even though your event will be virtual, you will still need to enter a location within your time zone so that the PFC Day website will recognize your event and it will show up on the map on the homepage. All you need to enter is city and country (or state, if in the U.S.). After you have created your event here, you can go to Facebook and update the location there to be whatever you want it to be.

3.   As you enter the description for your event, please note that it is virtual and can be attended by going to You may want to write something like, Dave Bacon & the Scrambled Eggs will be performing Country Western Haiku from the laptop on their tour bus at 7pm Pacific Time Zone, and you can watch this virtual event live on See the Stageit Show URL below.

4.   Enter your Stageit Show URL into the field for Website or Stageit Show URL.

5.   Enter information in all other fields as requested.
Fans will be able to find your show on or on All tickets and tips that people donate on Stageit during the Playing For Change Day shows will go to support the Playing For Change Foundation. 
For more information, contact us at



When you create a show, you can now choose to use a desktop production client of your choice, as long as it is capable of importing RTMP code and URL stream code for broadcasting. Two of our favorites are Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (free) and Wirecast (around $500).

Why would you want to use a desktop client? 1.) You have slower upload speed (less than 1mbps) and want to better ensure a smooth, steady stream of your show. 2.) You have a great external camera that you would like to use so you can zoom and pan and more. 3.) You would like to present a more produced, multiple camera show. 4.) You intend to use a Tricaster or other such device.
To use this feature there are only a few extra steps:Step 1.) Create a showStep 2.) Scroll down to Additional Options and clink the linkStep 3.) Scroll down within the Additional Options to click “Use Desktop For Broadcasting”Step 4.) Download the XML or copy and paste the RTMP / Stream informationStep 5.) Go To Stage!



In his first interactive workshop, music industry expert Tim Sweeney will cover different strategies you can use to raise more money for recording, touring and promotion. This is a great opportunity to have your questions answered! Click here to grab a ticket:



We’ve completely redesigned Performer profiles. We could have just made them prettier, but we decided to give you some new toys to play with. For example, you can now tip your favorite performers directly on their profile. And when you do, everyone will see you as the “last tipper” - that is, until someone else tips after you! Btw, if you were the last user to tip in a show, you’ll be displayed as the Last Tipper on the performer’s profile as well.

Are you the Top Fan? Find out how you stack up against other fans with ‘Overall’ and ‘Most Shows Attended’ rankings. ‘Overall’ Top Fans show the most support for the artist (calculated by a special algorithm), and ‘Most Shows Attended’ ranks fans by the number of tickets they’ve purchased for a particular artist.

The performer’s merch store is now available directly on the show page. And performers can upload as many albums as they like - even their whole discography!



Here are a few tips to help you prepare for a performance.

1. Please check your bandwidth to make sure you have a strong Internet connection. You can do this here:

2. Set your Battery Energy Saver Settings accordingly so your display won’t go to sleep or dim during your guitar solo.

3. Make sure you have a proper light source so your fans can look at your pretty face. Even a desk lamp can make a big difference.

4. When creating a show, do your best to pick a time you won’t have to change. While you can change the show time, be mindful that your fans may have set aside the time you originally scheduled to see you. Additionally, every change you make results in each ticket holder receiving a notification, so you don’t want to flood their inboxes!

5. Ensure that the time zone you’ve selected is correct. This can be found on your profile page.

6. Be sure to schedule a soundcheck with the StageIt Team on the day of your performance. We want to make sure the audio is clean on the other end of the connection.

7. Market yourself! Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are invaluable marketing resources. Use these social networking platforms to let people know that you’re playing LIVE and they won’t want to miss it.

We take great pride in the artists who perform on our platform. We’re here to showcase your talents. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions and we’ll get you squared away.



One of the best ways to draw new fans to your shows is to leverage your online audience. Here are some tips for both Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook Tips:
- Once your show is created and scheduled on StageIt, you will be provided with a URL: share it with your fans on Facebook.
-Facebook about your upcoming show 2-3 times a week until the day of the show.
-Create a separate Facebook event for each of your StageIt concerts and make sure to include the StageIt URL to encourage your fans to buy their tickets.
-Leverage the Selective Tweet app on Facebook to update your Facebook status from Twitter but only for the tweets you choose (the tweets about your upcoming StageIt show). When you also want to update your Facebook Fan Page status, you just need to end each tweet with #fb.

Twitter Tips:
-Once your show is created and scheduled, you will be provided with a URL: shorten it and share it with your fans via Twitter.
-Tweet about your upcoming show 3 times a week during the two weeks before the show.
-Share the tracks you are going to play on Twitter via Twitturn and allow (or not) your followers to download the tracks.
-Twitter Music Mondays: take advantage of #MM (tag used to suggest music to Tweet peeps on Mondays).
-Twitter/Facebook synch ( - not for fan pages, though): link your tweets about your upcoming StageIt show with the status updates on your personal profile.



Now you can sell your songs or albums while you play and your fans don’t have to worry about losing their spot right in the front row. Right now we currently offer the ability to sell from iTunes & Amazon only, but we’ll be expanding shortly. If you have a particular preference on another store, please reach out and let us know here.

How to set it up:

When setting up a show, head down to the additional options section and check the box that says Merch Store

Search for your song or album and paste up to three links. For music sold on iTunes: select an Album Link or Song Link and copy the Direct Link. For music sold on Amazon: copy the URL.

      We think this is an amazing feature, and we would love for you to start using it!



      Now you can run a trailer right on your show page so that your fans will know what to expect. What kind of trailer your ask? That is up to you. We recommend either pre-existing music videos you might have, or personal announcements to your fans. The choice is yours, and yours alone.

      How it works:

      • When setting up a show, head down to the additional options section
      • Check the box that says add a trailer to this show
      • Copy and paste a link to your YouTube video trailer in the URL field
      • Save your show!

      Fans will see your video trailer by clicking the trailer button that sits on top of the broadcaster. Now get creative and start advertising your next StageIt performance!